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Part 1 - Up To No Good

April 2, 2019; Kelowna, Canada - With all the one-to-one programs in schools, most teachers, principals, or technology support staff have found themselves in this situation.

Part 2 - If Only It Were That Easy

April 3, 2019; Kelowna, Canada - A simple request can often result in hours of work trying to reconcile log data with Chromebooks and other devices. Find out how our brave technology titan addresses the ongoing issue of student auditing tomorrow!

Part 3 - That's Not Going to Work

April 4, 2019; Kelowna, Canada - Enterprise-quality products being offered at a price all school boards can afford is rare! But, it's even more difficult to find vendors who have made data privacy a tentpole for all their software design.


Imagine Everything is a new education technology start-up guided by the vision and energy of school boards and fueled by the innovation and efficiency of private industry software engineers. We’re a company without clients, a community of creators who believe in a hybrid private + public partnership. Together, we are building affordable school technology that creates a safer online space for students, parents and teachers.

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