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What We Love About Canada

Is national identity still relevant in a world rapidly moving towards globalization?

June 6, 2019

We think so. We’re a Canadian company, working with Canadian school boards, to serve and protect the 7.8 million Canadian school-age children who are at risk online, every day.

School boards in Canada have a deeply rooted community. A statistician would have an easier time counting hairs on a horses head than trying to track all the times school boards dive in to help one another (don’t tell the accountants). If you’ve been a vendor in ed tech, you understand what I’m talking about. It’s inspiring, it’s also very Canadian.

That’s not our community, it’s your community. But we asked to be a part of that and you let us in. That’s what makes Canada great. Only in this nation would you find a privately owned corporation governed by publicly funded representatives working towards a common goal: building technology to help rescue kids.

The thing that binds is far more powerful than the thing that divides us. Mixing the speed, efficiency and innovation of the private sector with the fortitude, endurance, and collaborative spirit of the public sector has proven incredibly successful.

Plus, we have ice tea that tastes... well... it has taste.

Yeah, we’re thankful and proud to be Canadian.


Imagine Everything is a new education technology start-up guided by the vision and energy of school boards and fueled by the innovation and efficiency of private industry software engineers. We’re a company without clients, a community of creators who believe in a hybrid private + public partnership. Together, we are building affordable school technology that creates a safer online space for students, parents and teachers.

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