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Students most liable to suicide, violence and abuse rescued by new Alberta technology company Imagine Everything.

March 6, 2019; Alberta, Canada - Today Imagine Everything released Student Audit, software designed for school boards that identifies and reports high risk or vulnerable students most liable to suicide, school violence, abuse, sexual exploitation, and pornography addiction through analysis of student data. Student Audit is a cooperative development project involving the talent of 12 Alberta school boards and Alberta-based company Imagine Everything.

On top of identifying high risk activity, Student Audit also provides school board administration with the ability to review all online student activity as well as identify school board devices that may be leaking personal student data due to undetectable malware. Automated incident workflows make sure the right people are notified about various student risks creating virtually no overhead for school board support staff.

"A casual lunch with school technology directors got us wondering whether we could identify vulnerable kids by analysing student data. Our first prototype answered that question three days after launch when it found a student imminently planning suicide," said Brad Leitch, CEO of Imagine Everything. "As a product person, I’m happy when we build something people use and love. But when the thing you build rescues kids, it transcends being a job; it becomes a mission with an unconditional sense of urgency."

Suicide is the second-leading cause of death for youth in Canada and has been steadily on the rise since 2006. A 2016 survey of 1,319 Canadian teens by the Kids Help Phone discovered that one in five had seriously considered suicide. That same year Alberta lost 37 youth to suicide and it is estimated that over ten times that many were treated for self-harm injuries.

Lyle Roberts, Director of Learning Technologies for Foothills School Division, was the visionary behind Student Audit and helped lead the product design team successfully through the project. "We needed something that gave us visibility into what our students were doing on Chromebooks. Existing solutions were so expensive most school boards couldn’t afford them. Student Audit quickly came to fruition as a low cost solution, easily implemented at less than a tenth the cost -- and with a very competitive feature set. Imagine Everything was able to take our ideas and make them a reality in very short order!"

Imagine Everything offers school boards a free, unconditional, unrestricted trial of Student Audit offered for a variable length period. For more information or to sign up please visit their website at:


Imagine Everything is a new education technology start-up guided by the vision and energy of school boards and fueled by the innovation and efficiency of private industry software engineers. We’re a company without clients, a community of creators who believe in a hybrid private + public partnership. Together, we are building affordable school technology that creates a safer online space for students, parents and teachers.

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