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Student Audit - Update 1.0225

Faster searching by date.

It’s now fast and easy to isolate results from a particular date. On both the general web audit view and the account view you can select a date next to the traditional filtering options.

Update 01.0225 - Screenshot

Improved control over user data privacy.

Individual account data can now be removed for privacy and regulatory concerns by administrative users. From a user’s web audit account view just click the trash can in the upper-right corner and confirm that you would like to permanently remove the data.

Some user data may still be stored in nightly database backups. These will get cleared automatically during the next nightly backup. This does not clear evidence from active investigations.

Update 01.0225 - Screenshot

Everything an investigator needs, and nothing more.

We’ve completed the second phase of investigations which modifies the investigator role created in our Security Group update two weeks ago. When viewing an investigation there is now an "e;Assign To"e; or "e;Re-Assign"e; button that appears with the basic investigative information.

When clicked it allows you to assign this case to a less privileged user who has the “Investigator” permission in one or more security groups to whom they belong. Only staff members with this permission will show up in the pop-out search -- if they don’t appear, it means their account is likely not set to be a staff member, or they were not included in a security group with the Investigator permission.

Update 01.0225 - Screenshot

Behaviour Change: Investigators are now only able to see cases that they have been assigned. This severely limits the amount of personal data to which an investigator is exposed. They can still view all the evidence, and they can conduct a full web audit on the account under investigation, but they will not be able to view any other accounts, analytical data, or general web traffic data.

Administrators and users with the Web Audit permission will still have access to view all account data for all users.

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