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Student Audit - Update 1.0325

Student audit is simple.
We made it simpler.

The Scooped brand has been removed in lieu of our company brand. This reduces complexity: the Scooped framework turned out to be “one more thing” people had to try and figure out when understanding our offering.

We’ve updated the navigation to include "application" icons that are consistently displayed regardless of where you are in the software. Whether you’re looking at a highlight from the overview or you’re digging into a student investigation, you can quickly and consistently move to all the key areas of the system.

Tabs and highlights also make it easier to understand where you are in the software and where you need to go to access other key features.

Update 01.0325 - Screenshot

Find accounts from anywhere.

A federated search has been added to the top navigation bar that allows you to quickly track down any account from anywhere in the software.

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