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Chrome: Web Auditing

Audit Traffic on Chrome Devices

All website requests created by the Chrome browser or Chrome device are logged according to the users Chrome identity (email and Chrome ID) -- even while roaming outside your network firewall. Student and staff account creation is automatic the first time the browser or device initiates a website request which means instant-on service.

Log data is securely stored by our Scooped framework in a physically separated database in a country of your choosing including: Canada, the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Brazil, Japan or China. It's your data, we're just helping you collect and analyse it!


Logs are beautifully presented in a fast, easy, searchable format isolated by user or combined traffic. You can narrow results by searching URL keyword, IP, Chrome ID, date or risk topic. High risk traffic is reported to the dashboard making content easy to monitor and investigate as necessary.

Live Mode

Enable live-mode and you'll see traffic in real-time according to your user and search criteria.

Flagged for Risk

Our system analyzes web traffic and assigns risk flags making high risk incidents easier to spot. Our categories include: risk of suicide, school violence, child abuse, vulgarity and gruesome content, intent to buy drugs, adult sex networks, and pornography.

Direct Student Benefits

Accessing safe, reliable content has never been easier. Students can jump to the most popular G+ Suite features including Google Search, Inbox, Calendar, Drive and Earth as well as all of your school board websites.

If you choose to integrate with Scooped: Education Social Network students will also see the latest school board news and trending photos and comments right in the extension.

Easy, Affordable


Data Retention Period

Our annual base pricing covers core infrastructure for web server, database and storage; it is largely determined by your desired data retention length.

Category Price (CAD)
30 Day Storage $1,500.00
90 Day Storage $3,000.00
180 Day Storage $6,000.00
1 Year Storage $12,000.00
Traffic Volume

Volume pricing covers the cost to load balance traffic to the API (including high burst periods).

Category Price (CAD)
Under 10,000 Students $0.28 per student
Under 50,000 Students $0.25 per student
Under 100,000 Students $0.23 per student
Under 250,000 Students $0.21 per student
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