Imagine Everything Team

The first public + private company for education.

Imagine a team of dedicated software engineers focused on writing the perfect solutions for your technology needs. Our company is governed by school boards, our developers are always accessible to you, and our final solutions are cost effective due to cost sharing with hundreds of other boards across North America just like yours.

We operate like a dedicated software development department within your school board! Want to be a part of the community?

What is a public + private company?

Private corporations and public organizations have unique benefits: a corporation must be fast, efficient, perpetually innovative and be expense conscious; but, we're also competitive and fiscal-driven. School boards, are incredible at working collaboratively and transparently to solve problems.

Imagine Everything takes advantage of both to create a open, transparent organization driven from the vision of school boards powered by talented, driven software developers.

Our Projects

Chrome: Website Auditing

Kids need online supervision -- that's why we built a Chrome extension for auditing traffic wherever students roam. All data is collected into a clean, searchable database. Topical flags for suicide, school violence, child abuse, and more let you quickly identify vulnerable children who need help most.

Data privacy and security is critical: that's why all data is stored in your origin country with physical data separation and end-to-end encryption.

Education Social Network

Empower staff to connect. Our exclusive education social network let's teachers and support staff connect to create private or public channels where they can discuss curriculum, pedagogical styles or share worksheets, assignments, links and other information.

Leap past school board boundaries and allow your teams to connect with other professional education staff around the world.

In Development

Scooped: Socially-Driven Websites

Tired of lavish annual website fees for a site hardly used by students, parents and staff?

Scooped turns each school website into its own social community empowering students, parents and staff to share news, photos, and other great content while carefully managing privacy and protecting the school board brand.

In Development