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Imagine Everything is governed by software engineers and school boards. Together, using the strength of both, we're creating simple, easy-to-use software that helps build safe, inclusive education environment.

School boards have 75% board member seats, they control 30% voting interest and 20% financial interest in the company. This ensures the vision, mission and focus of the company stay true to the needs of education and that our product and software teams continue to deliver value to all our school division partners.

Set Higher Expectations

What other company offers you direct access to software engineers? We trust our school board partners to escalate issues professionally, in exchange, they have full access to our company roster.

People are accessible by phone, email and Slack; or, use Zoom or Hangouts (if you prefer a personal face-to-face experience).

As well, education hackathons bring our teams physically together to tackle new challenges: your teachers, principals and technology staff will be able to work side-by-side with talented software engineers to prototype new products and solutions.

We're Easy on the Budget

Enterprise solutions often come with enterprise price tags. And, independently hiring software engineers is too costly for most school boards.

By working together as a community, the costs associated with projects can be dispersed throughout all school boards resulting in a significantly lower budget impact. One of our four key pillars is to deliver incredible value at price that's easy on a school board budget!

We Like Students (We Used to Be One)

Each year we encourage students from participating school boards to join in our projects in order to learn.

As work experience interns, students learn about system design, software development, security, user experience, customer experience as well as product commercialization. Our team provides students with recommendation letters, paid summer internships (for top students), scholarships and bursaries as well as potential future employment.

Let's Work Together

Each new school board brings a plethora of new ideas and intellectual talent. We'd like to hear from you!

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